Hearings Aids: You Might Need One When These 4 Things Start Happening

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You might think that you only need a hearing aid when you can no longer hear people unless they shout their words at you, but hearing aids can be beneficial for a number of degrees of hearing impairment. This article outlines four signs that indicate you might benefit from a hearing aid, even though you are not be certifiably deaf.

When Only Certain Sounds Seem Soft

In certain instances, an individual may have fairly normal hearing but still require a hearing aid to compensate for difficulty with low pitched or high pitched sounds. This kind of hearing impairment is deceptive, since most sounds still seem the same, from an audible standpoint. However, the individual might struggle with certain sounds associated with vowels.

Needless to say, difficulty hearing vowels would make any conversation quite the challenge. As such, if it seems like the volume of your conversations is normal, but you are still struggling to understand what it is that people are saying, it's probably time for a visit to the audiologist, like those at Bentley Hearing Services.

When People Tell You The TV Is Too Loud

You might not know you need a hearing aid if don't have anyone in your life to tell you when you are being too loud. But when in you're in the local diner or barber shop and turn the volume up so much so that people around you begin to complain, it might be time to consider being fitted for some kind of hearing aid device.

When It Seems Like Others Are Loudly Mumbling

Constantly complaining that others mumble when they speak to you is one of the telltale signs that you might need a hearing aid. The consistent claim that those around you are mumbling is associated with hearing loss characterized by an individual's ability to hear noise, but an inability to distinguish the meaning of what's being said. When 'everyone' is mumbling to you, you probably need to consider hearing amplification devices.

When People Ask You STRANGE Questions

Perhaps the most telling sign that your hearing has begun to fade is when people with whom you converse tend to ask you very strange questions. In reality, it's not that they're asking you anything out of the ordinary, but simply your own misunderstanding of what they are saying. If you're hearing "Where's Mr. Crunch?" and they're saying "What's for lunch?", it's time to get your hearing checked.

Overall, there are many signs that indicate you may be in need of some form of hearing amplification. The four mentioned here are simply among the most common symptoms of mild hearing loss.