Tips For Properly Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter

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Your mobility scooter may be an essential device for helping you to retain your freedom. However, these machines are more complex than many people give them credit, and this can cause them to neglect to perform basic maintenance. Without the proper care, your scooter will be likely to experience any number of problems, but if you follow these two tips, you can help avoid some of the more common issues that can afflict your scooter. 

Regularly Inspect Your Tires

The tires on your scooter will be subjected to intense wear and tear. Just like the tires on a car, worn scooter tires can be more likely to experience a failure, and unlike with your car, you may not have a spare readily available. To minimize this risk, you should perform a close inspection of your tires at least once a week. 

When you are inspecting the tires, you should look to ensure that the treads have not started to wear thin. Also, you should look for signs of cracking. Cracks can form in the tire due to it being either over or under inflated, and these can eventually lead to the tire rupturing. If you notice either of these problems with the tire, you should replace it as soon as possible. 

Keep The Battery Terminals Clean

Another routine source of problems can be dirty battery terminals. Over time, acidic powder can start to form around the connections, and these can drastically lower the amount of power that is reaching your scooter. This can result in an inability to go up hills and decreased overall performance. 

You can avoid this problem by regularly cleaning the battery terminals. To do this, you will want to unhook the connections from the terminals before applying a generous amount of baking soda to the terminal. Next, use a wire brush with a plastic handle to vigorously scrub the accumulations off of the terminals. Gently wipe the terminal clean with a rag before reconnecting it. By performing this maintenance at least once every couple of months, you can ensure that your scooter is working as efficiently as possible. 

Maintaining your mobility scooter is essential for ensuring that you are able to get the best performance possible from it. Contact a local medical equipment supplier, like Action Health Care, if you need further help with your mobility scooter. By understanding the benefits of regularly inspecting the tires and cleaning the battery terminals, you should be able to avoid these common issues.