Tips For Selecting Your Mobility Scooter

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If you have trouble walking long distances but you still want to be active, consider buying a mobility scooter. There are several types of scooters, so you can find one that's a good match whether you want one for inside your house or to drive to the grocery store. Here are some tips for choosing a mobility scooter that's a good match for you.

Test Different Scooters At The Shop

Since a good fit and the right style of scooter are important, visit a scooter showroom and drive different models. This gives you an understanding of how different types of scooters handle and how comfortable they are. Plus, you'll get help deciding on the right type of scooter depending on how you intend to use it.

Pick One With A Seat That Fits You

Seats vary on scooters, and you'll want a seat that's comfortable for you to sit in for long periods. It should fit your body ergonomically so your feet are flat on the scooter and so you can reach the controls easily. Plus, the seat needs to be the proper width for your body so you're stable and your arms are comfortable on the armrests.

You can buy a mobility scooter with an extra-wide seat if you need it, but you'll also want to check the weight capacity to make sure the scooter you choose is rated for your weight. Scooters even come with double seats, so you might want one of those rather than two individual scooters if your spouse needs a mobility scooter too.

Compare Driving Capabilities

Scooters with three wheels usually have a tighter turning capability. This is important if you'll use your scooter in your house and need to make tight turns in your kitchen. A scooter that makes tight turns is also better for use in crowded places like restaurants and retail shops.

You'll also want to consider incline capability if your driveway has a steep slope or if you need to use a ramp to enter your home. Tire number and size are important for traveling over rugged terrain and for your comfort. Battery life is another thing to look into. If you plan to spend the day at a theme park or if you need to travel a long distance to the store or your job, you'll want a battery that will last as long as you need it.

Think About Transporting The Scooter

Another important thing to compare among mobility scooters is how easily you can travel with them. Some are fairly lightweight and fold down, so they're easy to put in a trunk or take on a plane.

Others can be dismantled quickly so they fit in your trunk. Some scooters are hefty and need a special attachment on your car to transport. You'll get more use from your mobility scooter if you can take it with you, so finding one that's easy to transport could be important. For more information on mobility scooters, contact a company near you.